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We would like you to meet our new model Tong. This pretty 22 year old snap inhales queen has been smoking for 5 years now since she was a sophomore high school student. She is a heavy chimney smoker who smokes 1+ packs of strong  brand Xuanhemen cigarettes daily. She is too heavily addicted now to stop smoking. She enjoys smoking throughout the day because it helps her release stress and pressure. She won't stop smoking anytime soon and can't imagine life without cigarettes.Tong looks pretty relaxing on a sofa snap inhaling and exhaling huge amounts of smoke. Burning through cigarettes fast is natural and easy for this attractive lady. She shows you the dark color tar stains on the butts after she finishes 2 cigarettes in only 6 minutes. She answers many smoking history, habit, attitude and health awareness questions from the producer including:
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